• Creating a Net Positive Business Ecosystem

    Startup Investing is being disrupted.

  • Startup investing is being disrupted.

    The portfolio fund strategy suffers active systemic risks in a rapidly changing world. These systemic risks exacerbate existing issues, waste capital, and cause good businesses to fail. A new game-changing strategy of investing in strongly connected diversified ecosystems is fast emerging, because it has significantly higher upside potential and lower risk. Evolutesix is building such a strongly connected ecosystem. Our holding company invests, from pre-seed onwards, in ecosystems that we build, accelerate, and scale.




    Portfolio of business models​

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    Economic model of connected businesses​

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  • Ergodic Investment Strategy


    Ergodic Investment Strategies - For antifragile, net positive ecosystems

    There is a hidden problem in business planning causing upside potential to be systemically over-estimated, and downside risks systemically under-estimated, in business strategies and management decisions based on exponential growth. Let's solve it.



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  • The Adaptive Organisation Model

    Our ecosystem is based on 3 pillars. Those allow us to create or transform businesses that are regenerative and antifragile. This is the AOM.

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    Fairshares Commons

    The fairshares commons is a legal structure developed in a way to decrease inequalities between the different stakeholders of an organisation. Enhancing dividends, power and capital gains fairness.

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    In a world becoming more and more complex, linear and vertical organisations can no longer survive. With sociocracy we aim to provide solutions to re-organise the way work together.

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    Adaptive Way

    The adaptive way is a solution made to help individuals and organisations to understand who they are and how they can tackle their issues. A person aligned with himself will be more inclined to adapt with his environment and others promoting positive synergies.

  • Evoluter Incubator

    Start the startup that the future needs from you, become the person you need to be and do the work you were born for. Regenerative in all the capitals you touch.

    Ecosystem incubation

    We offer you a tailor-made mentoring program to develop your idea to the official launch of your startup. We link startups together, create synergy and boost your project following the Adaptive Organisation model.

    We work with entrepreneurs, startups, companies or individuals wanting to work for our ecosystem.

    Consulting missions

    You need help for a specific project? You want to implement the Adaptive Organisation model in your organisation? We have the expertise and the network to help you!

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