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    Build your own micro-economy

    A discovery event with Narara Ecovillage and Graham Boyd


    Narara Ecovillage is trialling the Fair Shares model in its educational outreach program.


    Come and hear the nuts and bolts of how this process is playing out in real time!


    When: Thursday, November 25th

    Time: 7-9pm AEDT / 9-11am CET

    Format: Online

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    Hear from Jack and Graham, and ask questions about how you can apply the toolkit to yourself, your business, to build a world we thrive in.

    In this session, we will talk about what regenerative economics looks like, and the consequence for economics of each of us having a unique meaning making script, giving each of us a unique personal rational option in any decision, and contrast that with Neo classical economics that assumes universal rationality.


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    Soirees Opales - Teal Evening

    Graham Boyd – Stéphanie Bouju
    Evolutesix and Graham Boyd, In his book “Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You – a toolkit for builders of a better world.” Graham Boyd helps us navigate our way towards teal and beyond. He will touch on a topic that is often neglected when dealing with teal: how to incorporate companies into the Fair Share model. Evolutesix is assisting organisations ready to put into practice the toolkit presented in the book .

    Date And Time

    Tuesday, 9th March 2021
    18:30 -20:45
    Rencontre Zoom


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    TEAL Around The World 

    After the success of TATW2020, they are taking no chances in preparing for a bigger, better, bolder Teal Around The World Conference 2021!
    Now on its 2nd year, they stay true to the promise of transporting you into an immersive and engaging experience, together with all pioneers, thought leaders, influencers and followers from all over the world, into one virtual space to collaborate, to exchange perspectives and to challenge the expression and boundaries of self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose, within the different spheres of life.
    With keynote speakers: Jos De Blok, Ricardo Semler, Frederic Laloux.

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    Book launch webinar -2 - Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You

    Hear from Jack and Graham, and ask questions about how you can apply the toolkit to yourself, your business, to build a world we thrive in

    Date And Time

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    You have concerns about the world of tomorrow? You are interested in entrepreneurship? Or you just want to have fun after a good day of work? You will get the opportunity to network, meet with economic transition actors and discover new sustainable startups.


    When: Thursday 24th of October from 17h to 22h.

    Where: Greenbizz (Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 17, 1020 Brussels)

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