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    Open Lecture @TalTech: Future Capital - Rebuilding the economy for the future

    The future of our planet depends very much on our ability to re-imagine and build a new economic system that is less about growth at all costs and more about regeneration of resources, benefit for all and sustainability and how stepping beyond a flawed assumption (Ergodicity) economists have been making for 350 years gives us an innovative route to the new economic system we need. Join Graham Boyd, Killu Sanborn and Jordan Sukut to explore what this means.

    A Conversation with Brian Robertson and Graham Boyd

    Listen in on a conversation between Brian Robertson, pioneer of the Holacracy movement, and Graham Boyd, author of "Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You." Brian and Graham compare Holacracy and the adaptive organizational model presented in "Rebuild", discuss the relationship between Holacracy and team consciousness, and imagine how to build a world that works for all.

    Factory Berlin: Building net positive, whole startups for a regenerative economy.

    Reasons for you to have grounded hope in the face of our climate catastrophe. In this talk we show how we can make business net positive, regenerative, by building whole, connected business ecosystems. And why these ecosystems can make the impossible normal: regenerative, high positive impact, and financially profitable.

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    The Fundamentals of Sociocracy: P2P, Decentralized, Dynamic Governance for the Future​

    By: Crypto Woman [Interview with Graham Boyd]

    In this interview with Graham Boyd of FairShares Commons, The Cryptowoman learns more about the foundations of sociocracy — a model of decentralized dynamic governance.


    SDO Concept Paper

    By: Bernhard Possert

    Greater self-organisation does not always lead to greater success. Understand the importance of growing your team's ability to handle complexity, in order to see the results your OS is aiming to achieve.


    Companies Applying the FairShares Model to social enterprise development

    By: SEI International & FairShares

    Read about FairShares companies, that distribute power and wealth across its stakeholders, to do the impossible job of creating a society with an economy in it, that works for all.


    Reinventing Organisations = Reinventing Conflict

    By: The HR Congress

    Join Graham Boyd for this HR Congress podcast as he explores new organisational design structures and tools, that will help HR overcome rising conflict at the individual, roles and stakeholder level.


    Redesigning Your Economy with Free Companies

    By: Disruptive Innovation Festival

    See us in action at the Disruptive Innovation Festival, as we explore the emerging practice of re-designing companies for the circular economy - governed by all stakeholders, not only by a privileged investor class.


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