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    The Evoluter Accelerator

  • The Evoluter Accelerator is designed to accelerate the development and scale of your startup.

    The Accelerator begins after the startup has incorporated and validated its business plan. Ideally the startup has investment already, or has sufficient runway to close the first investment round. The Accelerator phase typically lasts 6 months, until it is running stably, close to or already at per-transaction profitability with good volume, and ready to become a full member of the Evoluter Ecosystem.


  • Evoluter Accelerator Core Program

    Coming soon!

  •  These Startups are:


    Living Organisations


    We need living, adaptive organisations that move at the speed of change because they are self-organising, with fluid hierarchies led by the best person in that moment to do that job. Living organisations are antifragile, adapting to changing opportunities and shocks. This means harnessing conflict as hard data on where to grow next.


    And they create connected, regenerative Business Ecosystems


    In a regenerative economy, business generates a healthy profit. If you incorporate as a FairShares Commons, your organisation regenerates not only financial profit, but nature, society, and each individual working in the business grows. A regenerative economy includes profitably everything in a circular economy, triple bottom line, impact, etc. Companies with strong environmental, social, and governance norms recorded higher performance and credit ratings through five factors: top-line growth, lower costs, fewer legal and regulatory interventions, higher productivity, and optimized investment and asset utilization. Connect all these startups by sharing governance and profits, creating a multi-capital pool of shared resources, and you get a powerful and regenerative business ecosystem that has 20x the impact than any one conglomerate could ever have.


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