• Ergodic



    Experience the strategy professional poker players, the Universa hedge fund, the Hanseatic merchants, Procter and Gamble brands, and nature itself use to beat uncertainty and risk.

    Can you do a better job protecting and growing your money?


    How confident are you,

    that your current investment strategy will continue to protect and grow your money tomorrow?


    When all you can be sure of is ever more unpredictability and volatility.


    When all you can be sure of is ever more unpredictability and volatility.

    It's time for VCs, LPs, and asset managers to use the recently understood and perculiarly named ergodic strategy that professional poker players, the Universa hedge fund (Taleb and Spitznagel), the Mondragon group, Keiretsu and Chaebol, and long-lasting old cultures evolved towards. Because those that didn't went under during VUCA times.

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    With over 100 years of experience between us in investing, economics, complexity, and innovation, we are developing the software you need to use the counter-intuitive ergodic investment strategy; the strategy designed for uncertainty and volatility.


    Oh, and it really wins if you also have an impact or regenerative intent!


    But don't take our word for it: experience the difference in this challenge, a simplified version of our investment simulator.


    Ergosim will go live in July 2024!



    Ergodic thinking shines a light on the path to a prosperous future by aligning our finance with the complexity of how all living systems actually work: in dynamic balance, collaboratively. 

    John Fullerton, Capital Institute


    A breakthrough strategy of investing based on a key element of anti-fragility. The take-aways are significant and possibly solve the scaling issue that perplexes the regenerative community. The method takes cues from nature and is proven with mathematics.  

    Lyn McDonell President, The Accountability Group, Inc.


    Stop suffering inefficient and hidden capital losses. Highly recommended read.

    Antonio Potenza; FRSA, MBA Oxford, CISL Cambridge, Founder of Proodos Capital and Fund4Impact, Serial Entrepreneur



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    Ergodic Investment Strategies

    Ergodic Investment Strategies

    1.499,00 € - 2.997,00 €
    Early bird rates for the first 5-week course for investors to get the best in our complex, uncertain world by deploying ergodic investment strategies. Why they work better in complex uncertain times, how they work, and how to use the full version of our simulator. On 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 July 17:00 - 19:00 CEST (Brussels)

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    Each subsequent colleague: 749,00 €

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  • Meet the trainers

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    Graham Boyd (Founder Evolutesix)

    Graham is the founder of Evolutesix, a venture studio and investor specialised in building ecosystems of future-fit businesses according to Evolutesix's ergodic investment strategy.


    Author of The Ergodic Investor and Entrepreneur and Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You, leading guide books for investors and entrepreneurs to create successful businesses for the future.


    With a PhD in physics, he is at his best creating new opportunities for success. in volatile, uncertain times. His speciality, according to his colleagues, has always been breakthrough innovation because he sees far round corners others cannot yet see.

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    Greg Fisher


    Greg has a strong background in economics and asset management, which he recently supplemented by finishing a PhD in the advanced field of Complexity Science. His aim now is to leverage this understanding, and his skills in computational modelling, to help improve practice in banking and asset management.


    Greg is an asset management and complexity science expert with a distinguished background, including a PhD in complexity economics, CFA, staff at the Bank of England, Chief Strategist at a macro hedge fund, and Cambridge University graduate.


    His speciality, complexity science, is a new way of thinking that is relevant to investment management and banking.

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