• Make Your Own Luck in an Unpredictable World

     The Ergodic Investor & Entrepreneur 

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    "How to invest and build for both net positive and profitability in ways that seem impossible today" - Andrew Winston, author of Net Positive



    "Ergodic thinking shines a light on the path to a prosperous future" - John Fullerton, Capital Institute



    Are you an investor? Are you needlessly wasting capital? And can you do better?

    If you answered “yes” to the first, the resounding answer to the second and third is also ‘Yes”!

    Whatever you are investing now: your money or a fund’s money; your time, creativity, effort, or relationships; whatever drives you as an investor, especially if you want to solve humanity’s biggest challenges through net positive, regenerative business; and whatever you expect in return, this book gives you the power to make your own luck, to make our ever more unpredictable world benefit you.

    This book gives you the secret to thriving in a volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous world. You begin by working with, not trying to prevent and control, unpredictability. This is one of the hardest challenges you will ever face.


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  • - What you get -

    1. 5 x 90 mins interactive workshop format (Virtual & Live) over 5 weeks


    2. Free copy of the newly-released groundbreaking book "The Ergodic Investor & Entrepreneur"


    3. See the systemic reasons your investment portfolios are under-performing, and plug the holes your capitals are leaking through


    4. Learn how to apply the correct ergodic equations to calculate your investment performance, the way nature does it.


    5. Learn how to best execute the strategy by connecting an array of diverse businesses and ecosystems into a profit-pooling ecosystem.


    6. How to start applying this to your life today!

  • .We often tend to polarize our societal choices as either/or, the market or the state, competition or cooperation between businesses. What is lacking is the third level of integration: the practice and institution of the commons. This book reflects the return of this theme in business thinking, and is a highly necessary preparation for a world in existential risk. 

    - Michel Bauwens -


  • Workshop Modules

    This is a 5-week workshop on how you can apply a new, groundbreaking, investment strategy that is systemic and tactical.


    Graham Boyd

    Graham Boyd



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    The Ergodic Investor & Entrepreneur now!


    Most thoughtful observers understand the capital formation process of our economy is broken. Few understand how the flawed statistics lying at the foundation of “high finance” has led us astray. Perhaps only Boyd and Reardon can illuminate how ergodic thinking shines a light on the path to a prosperous future by aligning our finance with the complexity of how all living systems actually work: in dynamic balance, collaboratively..

    John Fullerton, Founder Capital Institute, author Regenerative Capitalism

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