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    We'll run the same companies according to our ergodic strategy.

    You are running an investment company, and are the lead investor in the companies you fund. You now have the option to have a controlling interest in at least 7 scale-ups that are at or close to profitability. Controlling interest means that you have the final say in board decisions, including additional debt, strategy, investment, etc.; and your money is 50% of the equity and any debt.

    Your money comes from your investors who expect to get a healthy return on investment (pension funds, family offices, sovereign wealth funds); and your returns from growth in valuation, dividends, and interest on debt.

    Your job is to allocate money across the companies, as a fresh equity investment or as debt.

    As time progresses you will respond to the events impacting your investees. Some will repay their loan, which you can re-use; others will require more investment / a bigger loan; some will pay dividends, others will not. You are limited to your starting capital plus any growth generated by your investments - you cannot yourself get more money from your investors.

    Your fund will run for 10 or 20 years, at the end of which you will liquidate all positions and return all moneys to your investors. You keep 20% of profits.

    Evolutesix will run a comparable mirror fund, but operating according to our ergodic investment strategy.

    Use your money wisely to beat us!