Transformational Investor Course

Transformational Investor Course

6.500,00 € - 8.500,00 €
A 12 month training, 2 hours per month online coursework plus 2-4 hours per month reading and writing. In addition you will be members of Evolutesix's ecosystem with access to monthly discussions and guest speakers.

Limited to 8 participants, by invitation only,

Regular monthly price Euro 850; pay in full, get 2 months free; and the first three paying in full get an additional Euro 2000 discount! (Contact us to pay monthly)
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The 12 sessions will be fine-tuned to suit each cohort, which is partly why we limit to no more than seven participants per cohort. In addition we will bring in guest speakers for additional themes. 

Module 1. What is ergodic vs. non-ergodic, where does this show up, and what are the consequences for investors, especially impact investors and philanthropists? What insights does this give us about why most businesses, most investment funds fall short of their potential? 

Module 2. What does this mean for you? First comparison of conventional vs. ergodic investing strategies for one of your funds. Deeper dive into what the non-ergodic dynamics of most capital processes means for your investments. 

Module 3. Deeper dive into ergodic strategies, as applied to your specific needs. 

Module 4. What can you already start doing now, what will need time to line up. 

Module 5. Optimising your specific ergodic strategy - trying different options in the simulator.

Module 6. Implications for your life, your investees lives, and society as a whole.

Module 7. How does ergodic investing compare to traditional, indigenous approaches?

Module 8. The equations behind this. 

Module 9. Governance and legal forms for ergodic ecosystems.

Module 10. Governance and legal forms for your specific ergodic ecosystem.

Module 11. Turning to action 1

Module 12. Turning to action 2