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    The Evoluter Incubator

  • The Evoluter Incubator is designed to build the startups of the future.

    The incubator is for everyone who wants to work in a startup; whether as a founder, co-founder, team member; for early-stage startups, and of course, we welcome people wanting to transform their existing companies.


  • Evoluter Incubator Core Program

    The 3 Pillars of the Adaptive Organisation

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    FairShares Commons Business Model Design

    The startup team designs & develops an all-capitals, all-stakeholders business model canvas, which then becomes the basis for incorporating the company to multiply all capitals, not just financial capital. This takes the startup through to having a business model validated with all of the stakeholders involved, and all of the capitals that the regenerative business touches.

    This process takes at least three months, where participants complete 2 to 3 design sprints, developing hypotheses and testing them. Modules include: Business Model Canvas, Legal & IP, Financial Planning - Ergodic Strategies.

    In parallel, the startup team lays the foundations for ongoing operations.

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    Governance & Organisation design

    Startup teams will become proficient in using the latest approaches to working together, including consent / integrative decision-making, functional versus management accountability hierarchies, and agile, delegated, fluid roles. The basis is Sociocracy and Holacracy.


    Participants, in facilitated workshops, will have proficiency in reaching rapid, efficient decisions that take into account all understanding from everyone in the team; in how to structure organisations as functional, human accountability hierarchies, So that the startups working processes can change faster than their changing business environment demands. This minimises the risk of startup failure caused by slow reactions, and information on opportunities and risks not reaching decision-makers in time. Companies using these processes consistently outperform their peers.

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    Human development & interaction processes

    This is an intense, transformational process of self and team development. Participants, in live Dojo sessions, get to work on their inner and relational capacity to adapt and grow their socio-emotional, as well as cognitive capacity. By applying the Adaptive Way peer to peer developmental dialogue patterns in a safe space, you'll grow your capacity to be well equipped when conflict emerges and transform these tensions into strengths and personal growth.


    In particular, participants develop proficiency in using nonviolent communication, Kegan’s Immunity to Change processes, and the systems thinking elements of the 28 post logical thought forms.

    Even if a startup team or individual only progresses to the end of this 3 month programme, but does not incorporate, they will have gained personal skills they will use for the rest of their life.


    These human interactivity processes are designed to minimise the risk of human energy being wasted on internal friction, so that all the available energy goes into delivering impact. Companies using these processes are becoming recognised as consistently outperforming their peers (e.g. Bridgwater).

  • The Evoluter Incubator is for you if:

    • You are committed to building a successful business that regenerates the planet and society, delivers healthy profit, self-development, and uses the best regenerative approach to incorporating and running a business, as laid out in our coursebook Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You.
    • You are driven by creating a thriving company that regenerates all the capitals it touches, and becomes part of an ecosystem, not just making a quick buck through a quick exit, at the expense of everything that's giving you life.
    • You embrace working in a startup as a challenge you will grow from.
  • Take the first step to building your regenerative startup



    These Startups are:


    Living Organisations


    We need living, adaptive organisations that move at the speed of change because they are self-organising, with fluid hierarchies led by the best person in that moment to do that job. Living organisations are antifragile, adapting to changing opportunities and shocks. This means harnessing conflict as hard data on where to grow next.


    And they create connected, regenerative Business Ecosystems


    In a regenerative economy, business generates a healthy profit. If you incorporate as a FairShares Commons, your organisation regenerates not only financial profit, but nature, society, and each individual working in the business grows. A regenerative economy includes profitably everything in a circular economy, triple bottom line, impact, etc. Companies with strong environmental, social, and governance norms recorded higher performance and credit ratings through five factors: top-line growth, lower costs, fewer legal and regulatory interventions, higher productivity, and optimized investment and asset utilization. Connect all these startups by sharing governance and profits, creating a multi-capital pool of shared resources, and you get a powerful and regenerative business ecosystem that has 20x the impact than any one conglomerate could ever have.


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