• 🥳 Congratulations!

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    You are now a Yellow Belt

    Adaptive Way Practitioner



    Here are the skills you have picked just in one online course:


    🔎 Differentiating between technical and adaptive challenges

    🗣️ Dialoguing through a Ground Pattern

    🧠Discerning between reality and actuality

    🎭Using improve action patterns to expand your reality

    🤹‍♂️Differentiating judgements from feelings

    🤸‍♀️Sparring in the Adaptive Way Dojo



    Click here to learn more about the Belt System



    Now that you have gained the base

    skills and knowledge needed to

    run your business regeneratively...



    What's next? 

    First let's take a look at where you may be in the

    3 Axes of Business Map.

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    By earning the Adaptive Way Yellow Belt you're already way ahead of the curve and firmly within the regenerative business management paradigm!


    Want to continue building your capacities in governance and work management?



    Pick your path!

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    Suffering from a business culture that is not fit-for purpose and navigating complexity? Want to build regenerative businesses that can quickly adapt to an uncertain world?


    Make the impossible normal with our Online Foundations Program. Learn about who are you, how you construct reality, and what to do to build a business culture, systems and interactions to thrive in the XXI Century.

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    Struggling to achieve your goals? Feeling the need to change and evolve? Having a hard time with the complexity of it all?




    Put the Adaptive Way into practice. Stepping into the Dojo as a Talker can help uncover what is holding you back.  Our trained nudgers will hold space for you as you navigate the complex mystery of you. 



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    Collaborating to bring you the tools you need to build, operate, and market your organization with the wisdom of regeneration.