Rebuild Foundation Programme

Rebuild Foundation Programme

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See through a multitude of lenses, get a systems view of who you are, the organisations we can lead, and the economy we can create that will meet the needs of all life on earth.
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1. YOU

Making the Impossible normal

Learn about who are you, and how you construct reality, using stages of adult development and Spiral Dynamics. You will identify your needs, talents and energies, solving the challenges you face.

  • Lenses: Reality vs Actuality and Complementary pairs
  • Meaning-making – Identity and stages
  • Integrating how you think with your nature
  • Harnessing inner and inter-personal tensions


2. ORGANISATIONS as Living Beings

Understand organisations as living beings, with knowable and unknowable components, and so what to do to build a culture, systems and interactions that quickly adapt to new business drivers in an uncertain, complex world.

  • The 6 strata we need to rebuild across to create an economy that works for all
  • Human – Work – Capital Dimensions
  • Peak Adaptive Performance
  • Start from where you are



Know why our economy is failing us, and why today’s economics are not capable of guiding us towards a whole economy. Why we need to create free commons companies and an economy of the free if we are to address our global challenges.

  • Why our economy is failing us
  • Money vs currency
  • Co-opetition and false assumptions
  • How we can collectively create a new social and economic paradigm
  • Your next step: Designing your FairShares Commons
  • Reasons for Hope